Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Olive Branch

6 And after that forty days were passed, Noe, opening the window of the ark which he had made, sent forth a raven: 7 Which went forth and did not return, till the waters were dried up upon the earth. 8 He sent forth also a dove after him, to see if the waters had now ceased upon the face of the earth. 9 But she, not finding where her foot might rest, returned to him into the ark: for the waters were upon the whole earth: and he put forth his hand, and caught her, and brought her into the ark. 10 And having waited yet seven other days, he again sent forth the dove out of the ark.

11 And she came to him in the evening, carrying a bough of an olive tree, with green leaves, in her mouth. Noe therefore understood that the waters were ceased upon the earth. 12 And he stayed yet other seven days: and he sent forth the dove, which returned not any more unto him. 13 Therefore in the six hundredth and first year, the first month, the first day of the month, the waters were lessened upon the earth, and Noe opening the covering of the ark, looked, and saw that the face of the earth was dried. 14 In the second month, the seven and twentieth day of the month, the earth was dried. 15 And God spoke to Noe, saying:
Genesis 8:6-15

I've always loved the part about the dove and the olive branch. Even when it's similarity is mentioned in the New Testament. It's symbolic of peace isn't it. This was quite a wonderful way of God letting Noah know peace shall prevail upon the face of the earth. The dove could have returned with any type of branch as there were other types of trees in the area as well. From this point on we have associated the olive branch with peace. It's symbolism we see in many places to give us hope of the future, that of peace. The dove could have done as the raven and went on it's way, but brought a significant branch to mark the future. Take a look at the many areas that the symbolic branch is placed. In our governments, in the armed services to name a few. Why did these places use the symbolic branch of peace as part of their emblems or seals. As a way of saying they are to promote peace in their endeavors. The olive branch, the symbol of peace starting from the days of Noah. A symbol many of us forget to realize the truth that it is God's symbol for us to live in peace with one another.

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