Monday, May 26, 2008


21 Thou shalt take unto thee of all food that may be eaten, and thou shalt lay it up with thee: and it shall be food for thee and them. 22 And Noe did all things which God commanded him

1 And the Lord said to him: Go in thou and all thy house into the ark: for thee I have seen just before me in this generation. 2 Of all clean beasts take seven and seven, the male and the female. 3 But of the beasts that are unclean two and two, the male and the female. Of the fowls also of the air seven and seven, the male and the female: that seed may be saved upon the face of the whole earth. 4 For yet a while, and after seven days, I will rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and I will destroy every substance that I have made, from the face of the earth. 5 And Noe did all things which the Lord had commanded him.

6 And he was six hundred years old, when the waters of the flood overflowed the earth. 7 And Noe went in and his sons, his wife and the wives of his sons with him into the ark, because of the waters of the flood. 8 And of beasts clean and unclean, and of fowls, and of every thing that moveth upon the earth,9 Two and two went in to Noe into the ark, male and female, as the Lord had commanded Noe. 10 And after the seven days were passed, the waters of the flood overflowed the earth.
Genesis 6:21-22,7:1-10

"That seed may be saved upon the face of the whole earth." Seed, that which will allow new growth of plant, animal and human. The source that brings life. Without it would mean death. God commanded Noah to pair the animals to continue their line. He paired male and female for the seed within bears growth of a life. We see in our time how married couples who are barren, because of a dysfuntion of their seed production cannot produce a child. Where life will continue to live on. Why are we destroying what God saved to restore harmony in the world. We may never know what depravity was committed for God to destroy what he lovingly created, but if we look at our world today and witness the depravity we are causing. Would it not be said the same of us if he chose to wipe us out too, because we didn't listen to the warnings to change. They say animals are stubborn, what does that say about us then when we refuse to correct our ways. We mend broken things on a day to day basis, why can't we fix the errors we are committing.

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