Tuesday, June 03, 2008

And They Grew

6 And the sons of Cham: Chus, and Mesram, and Phuth, and Chanaan. 7 And the sons of Chus: Saba, and Hevila, and Sabatha, and Regma, and Sabatacha. The sons of Regma: Saba and Dadan. 8 Now Chus begot Nemrod: he began to be mighty on the earth. 9 And he was a stout hunter before the Lord. Hence came a proverb: Even as Nemrod the stout hunter before the Lord. 10 And the beginning of his kingdom was Babylon, and Arach, and Achad, and Chalanne in the land of Sennaar.

9 "A stout hunter"... Not of beasts but of men: whom by violence and tyranny he brought under his dominion. And such he was, not only in the opinion of men, but before the Lord, that is, in his sight who cannot be deceived.

11 Out of that land came forth Assur, and built Ninive, and the streets of the city, and Chale. 12 Resen also between Ninive and Chale: this is the great city. 13 And Mesraim begot Ludim, and Anamim, and Laabim, Nepthuim, 14 And Phetrusim, and Chasluim; of whom came forth the Philistines, and the Capthorim. 15 And Chanaan begot Sidon, his firstborn, the Hethite,
Genesis 10:6-15

By now we are seeing the growth of the family seed and all the cities that have been built. The population has grown quite nicely. Doesn't that remind us of how we too populate areas. We have cities and many leave to go off to the suburbs and then some go even farther away from a populated place to live away from the heat, noise and pollution that surrounds an area. Cities an uncontrollable garden of people overcome by weeds. A veritable jungle of people. The same can be said of the workplace, it's a jungle overcome by weeds. Amazing we aren't known as flowers in a cities or in the workplace either. Weeds tend to have a bad name for the way they overtake places. Nemrod the stout hunter before the Lord knew a firm hand was needed. We all know that too but we fail to live in peace. Our actions against others often show the weeds that clutter our hearts and all too often we see how it spreads to others and invades them too. Just like a city that once was beautiful and now is filled with turmoil. It does seem to look as if evil truly has spread doesn't it. Love often cannot be found where weeds have grown.


Anonymous said...

Great writing love to read your blog.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment. God bless you!