Monday, June 02, 2008

Turning Points

24 And Noe awaking from the wine, when he had learned what his younger son had done to him, 25 He said: Cursed be Chanaan, a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren.
26 And he said: Blessed be the Lord God of Sem, be Chanaan his servant. 27 May God enlarge Japheth, and may he dwell in the tents of Sem, and Chanaan be his servant. 28 And Noe lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years: 29 And all his days were in the whole nine hundred and fifty years: and he died.

1 These are the generations of the sons of Noe: Sem, Cham, and Japheth: and unto them sons were born after the flood. 2 The sons of Japheth: Gomer, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Thubal, and Mosoch, and Thiras. 3 And the sons of Gomer: Ascenez and Riphath and Thogorma. 4 And the sons of Javan: Elisa and Tharsis, Cetthim and Dodanim. 5 By these were divided the islands of the Gentiles in their lands, every one according to his tongue and their families in their nations.
Genesis 9:23-29,10:1-5

We all have moments in our lives when we do something that causes some form of embarrassment, either to ourselves or to others. Alcohol has a tendency to change the character of a person. It happened to Noah when he didn't realize how potent wine was. What he did and how he acted we may never know, only what was revealed about his condition. Being found in such a way I'm sure didn't sit too well with him as we come to understand his cursing. Don't we tend to get angry or upset when we are confronted with our embarrassing moments. One thing in our time that has become a fad is to make a show of our embarrassing moments to win a prize for it. Life at its best has it's foilables as well as gracious moments. We often seem to recall these times when we gather together and regall others with our tales of misfortune or most embarrassing moments. I know myself when I have had moments when I either said or did something that caused myself to want to bury myself out of embarrassment or regret. But as we all know, time has a way of letting us see in a different light that those moments are not all that bad. When we look back it is often with laughter at those moments, but as with Noah it was a moment as head of the family that his guard was down. We are human after all and we do make mistakes even when we try to live as God intended. When we are vulnerable in our nakedness that's when we find out the truth when others help to cover up our nakedness with their love. Not the nakedness the flesh but that of being completely vunerable to others.


Anonymous said...

I like how you use the bible with todays living well done.

Marie Cecile said...

Thank you and God bless!