Thursday, July 31, 2008


18 And he digged again other wells, which the servants of his father Abraham had digged, and which, after his death, the Palestines had of old stopped up: and he called them by the same names by which his father before had called them. 19 And they digged in the torrent, and found living water. 20 But there also the herdsmen of Gerara strove against the herdsmen of Isaac, saying: It is our water. Wherefore he called the name of the well, on occasion of that which had happened, Calumny.

19 "Torrent"... That is, a channel where sometimes a torrent or violent stream had run.

21 And they digged also another; and for that they quarrelled likewise, and he called the name of it, Enmity. 22 Going forward from thence, he digged another well, for which they contended not: therefore he called the name thereof, Latitude, saying: Now hath the Lord given us room, and made us to increase upon the earth. 23 And he went up from that place to Bersabee, 24 Where the Lord appeared to him that same night, saying: I am the God of Abraham thy father; do not fear, for I am with thee: I will bless thee, and multiply thy seed for my servant Abraham's sake. 25 And he built there an altar: and called upon the name of the Lord, and pitched his tent: and commanded his servants to dig a well.

22 "Latitude"... That is, wideness, or room.

26 To which place when Abimelech, and Ochozath his friend, and Phicol chief captain of his soldiers came from Gerara, 27 Isaac said to them: Why are ye come to me, a man whom you hate, and have thrust out from you? 28 And they answered: We saw that the Lord is with thee, and therefore we said: Let there be an oath between us, and let us make a covenant
Genesis 26:18-28

They didn't have as many people as we do today. Yet they fought over a huge area and dug wells. No wonder there is so much fighting going on in the world today sometimes over the very same things. Will we ever learn to share.

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