Sunday, August 10, 2008

Modesty, A Topic Worthy Of Discussion

Ever get the feeling that there is a time in our lives when it's time to speak out on certain issues. There has been an article that has drawn my eye and it's about how we morally dress ourselves. It's an issue not many want to discuss. Why is it a topic that tends to be avoided? It's one that I believe is worthy of discussing and mentioning. Not because it was mentioned to be a good topic but it is also one that I personally believe in.

We can screw up in our lives in many ways but dressing modestly has been a focal point in my life. Everytime I attempted to dress with either sleeveless, low cut or short dress, there was always an uncomfortable feel about it. Having my body covered has been a mainstay. In a way it truly is possible to feel beautiful when dressed. It's not only women this is about either. Think about the men out there who are bare and then look at the ones fully clothed. The difference is remarkable at least for me. My eye is more drawn to the men who are clothed rather than those who are near to naked. Aren't we to know a persons heart and not their physique in the first place. The rest can be known when we take vows to love, honor and cherish those we marry. Then we have accomplished true love of the heart and not that of lustful love. These of course are my humble opinions, so if you care to comment or disagree, it is of course your choice to do so and it is welcome.

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