Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Second Over the First

21 And he said to Laban: Give me my wife; for now the time is fulfilled, that I may go in unto her. 22 And he, having invited a great number of his friends to the feast, made the marriage. 23 And at night he brought in Lia his daughter to him, 24 Giving his daughter a handmaid, named Zelpha. Now when Jacob had gone in to her according to custom when morning was come he saw it was Lia: 25 And he said to his father in law: What is it that thou didst mean to do? did not I serve thee for Rachel? why hast thou deceived me?

26 Laban answered: It is not the custom in this place, to give the younger in marriage first. 27 Make up the week of days of this match: and I will give thee her also, for the service that thou shalt render me other seven years. 28 He yielded to his pleasure: and after the week was past, he married Rachel: 29 To whom her father gave Bala for her servant. 30 And having at length obtained the marriage he wished for, he preferred the love of the latter before the former, and served with him other seven years.
Genesis 29:21-30

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