Wednesday, August 13, 2008


6 And Rachel said: The Lord hath judged for me, and hath heard my voice, giving me a son, and therefore she called his name Dan. 7 And again Bala conceived and bore another, 8 For whom Rachel said: God hath compared me with my sister, and I have prevailed: and she called him Nephtali. 9 Lia, perceiving that she had left off bearing, gave Zelpha her handmaid to her husband. 10 And when she had conceived and brought forth a son,

11 She said: Happily. And therefore called his name Gad. 12 Zelpha also bore another. 13 And Lia said: This is for my happiness: for women will call me blessed. Therefore she called him Aser. 14 And Ruben, going out in the time of the wheat harvest into the field, found mandrakes: which he brought to his mother Lia. And Rachel said: Give me part of thy son's mandrakes. 15 She answered: Dost thou think it a small matter, that thou hast taken my husband from me, unless thou take also my son's mandrakes? Rachel said: He shall sleep with thee this night, for thy son's mandrakes.

Genesis 30:6-15

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