Monday, March 16, 2009

Read the Word Of God Daily

Chapter Thirteen of the Book Of Leviticus

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse. The reading is currently at:
Leviticus 13:51-59

51 And on the seventh day when he looketh on it again, if he find that it if grown, it is a Axed leprosy: he shall judge the garment unclean, and every thing wherein it shall be found: 52 And therefore it shall be burnt with fire. 53 But if he see that it is not grown, 54 He shall give orders, and they shall wash that part wherein the leprosy is, and he shall shut it up other seven days. 55 And when he shall see that the former colour is not returned, nor yet the leprosy spread, he shall judge it unclean, and shall burn it with fire, for the leprosy has taken hold of the outside of the garment, or through the whole.

56 But if the place of the leprosy be somewhat dark, after the garment is washed, he shall tear it off, and divide it from that which is sound. 57 And if after this there appear in those places that before were without spot, a flying and wandering leprosy: it must be burnt with fire. 58 If it cease, he shall wash with water the parts that are pure, the second time, and they shall be clean. 59 This is the law touching the leprosy of any woollen or linen garment, either in the warp or woof, or any thing of skins, how it ought to be cleansed, or pronounced unclean.

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