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Read the Word Of God Daily

Chapter 17 of the Book Of 2 Kings

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse.

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Book Of 2 Kings 17: 8-17

8 And again Chusai said: Thou knowest thy father, and the men that are with him, that they are very valiant, and bitter in their mind, as a bear raging in the wood when her whelps are taken away: and thy father is a warrior, and will not lodge with the people. 9 Perhaps he now lieth hid in pits, or in some other place where he list: and when any one shall fall at the first, every one that heareth it shall say: There is a slaughter among the people that followed Absalom. 10 And the most valiant man whose heart is as the heart of a lion, shall melt for fear: for all the people of Israel know thy father to be a valiant man, and that all who are with him are valiant. 11 But this seemeth to me to be good counsel: Let all Israel be gathered to thee, from Dan to Bersabee, as the sand of the sea which cannot be numbered: and thou shalt be in the midst of them. 12 And we shall come upon him in what place soever he shall be found: and we shall cover him, as the dew falleth upon the ground, and we shall not leave of the men that are with him, not so much as one.

13 And if he shall enter into any city, all Israel shall cast ropes round about that city, and we will draw it into the river, so that there shall not be found so much as one small stone thereof. 14 And Absalom, and all the men of Israel said: The counsel of Chusai the Arachite is better than the counsel of Achitophel: and by the will of the Lord the profitable counsel of Achitophel was defeated, that the Lord might bring evil upon Absalom. 15 And Chusai said to Sadoc and Abiathar the priests: Thus and thus did Achitophel counsel Absalom, and the ancients of Israel: and thus and thus did I counsel them. 16 Now therefore send quickly, and tell David, saying: Tarry not this night in the plains of the wilderness, but without delay pass over: lest the king be swallowed up, and all the people that is with him. 17 And Jonathan and Achimaas stayed by the fountain Rogel: and there went a maid and told them: and they went forward, to carry the message to king David, for they might not be seen, nor enter into the city.


7 Et dixit Chúsai ad Absálom : Non est bonum consílium quod dedit Achítophel hac vice. 8 Et rursum íntulit Chúsai : Tu nosti patrem tuum, et viros qui cum eo sunt, esse fortíssimos et amáro ánimo, velúti si ursa raptis cátulis in saltu sǽviat : sed et pater tuus vir bellátor est, nec morábitur cum pópulo. 9 Fórsitan nunc látitat in fóveis, aut in uno, quo volúerit, loco : et cum cecíderit unus quilíbet in princípio, áudiet quicúmque audíerit, et dicet : Facta est plaga in pópulo qui sequebátur Absálom. 10 Et fortíssimus quisque, cujus cor est quasi leónis, pavóre solvétur : scit enim omnis pópulus Israël fortem esse patrem tuum, et robústos omnes qui cum eo sunt. 11 Sed hoc mihi vidétur rectum esse consílium. Congregétur ad te univérsus Israël, a Dan usque Bersabée, quasi aréna maris innumerábilis : et tu eris in médio eórum. 12 Et irruémus super eum in quocúmque loco invéntus fúerit, et operiémus eum, sicut cádere solet ros super terram : et non relinquémus de viris qui cum eo sunt, ne unum quidem.

13 Quod si urbem áliquam fúerit ingréssus, circúmdabit omnis Israël civitáti illi funes, et trahémus eam in torréntem, ut non reperiátur ne cálculus quidem ex ea. 14 Dixítque Absálom, et omnes viri Israël : Mélius est consílium Chúsai Aráchitæ, consílio Achítophel : Dómini autem nutu dissipátum est consílium Achítophel útile, ut indúceret Dóminus super Absálom malum. 15 Et ait Chúsai Sadoc et Abiáthar sacerdótibus : Hoc et hoc modo consílium dedit Achítophel Absálom et senióribus Israël : et ego tale et tale dedi consílium. 16 Nunc ergo míttite cito, et nuntiáte David, dicéntes : Ne moréris nocte hac in campéstribus desérti, sed absque dilatióne transgrédere : ne forte absorbeátur rex, et omnis pópulus qui cum eo est. 17 Jónathas autem et Achímaas stabant juxta fontem Rogel : ábiit ancílla et nuntiávit eis. Et illi profécti sunt, ut reférrent ad regem David núntium : non enim póterant víderi, aut introíre civitátem.

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