Monday, August 09, 2010

Read the Word Of God Daily

Chapter 19 of the Book Of 2 Kings

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse.

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Book Of 2 Kings 19:1-10

1 And it was told Joab, that the king wept and mourned for his son: 2 And the victory that day was turned into mourning unto all the people: for the people heard say that day: The king grieveth for his son. 3 And the people shunned the going into the city that day as a people would do that hath turned their backs, and fled away from the battle. 4 And the king covered his head, and cried with a loud voice: O my son Absalom, O Absalom my son, O my son. 5 Then Joab going into the house to the king, said: Thou hast shamed this day the faces of all thy servants, that have saved thy life, and the lives of thy sons, and of thy daughters, and the lives of thy wives, and the lives of thy concubines.

6 Thou lovest them that hate thee, and thou hatest them that love thee: and thou hast shewn this day that thou carest not for thy nobles, nor for thy servants: and I now plainly perceive that if Absalom had lived, and all we had been slain, then it would have pleased thee. 7 Now therefore arise, and go out, and speak to the satisfaction of thy servants: for I swear to thee by the Lord, that if thou wilt not go forth, there will not tarry with thee so much as one this night: and that will be worse to thee, than all the evils that have befallen thee from thy youth until now.
8 Then the king arose and sat in the gate: and it was told to all the people that the king sat in the gate: and all the people came before the king, but Israel fled to their own dwellings. 9 And all the people were at strife in all the tribes of Israel, saying: The king delivered us out of the hand of our enemies, and he saved us out of the hand of the Philistines: and now he is fled out of the land for Absalom. 10 But Absalom, whom we anointed over us, is dead in the battle: how long are you silent, and bring not back the king?


1 Nuntiátum est autem Joab quod rex fleret et lugéret fílium suum, 2 et versa est victória in luctum in die illa omni pópulo : audívit enim pópulus in die illa dici : Dolet rex super fílio suo. 3 Et declinávit pópulus in die illa íngredi civitátem, quómodo declináre solet pópulus versus et fúgiens de prǽlio. 4 Porro rex opéruit caput suum, et clamábat voce magna : Fili mi Absálom, Absálom fili mi, fili mi. 5 Ingréssus ergo Joab ad regem in domum, dixit : Confudísti hódie vultus ómnium servórum tuórum, qui salvam fecérunt ánimam tuam, et ánimam filiórum tuórum et filiárum tuárum, et ánimam uxórum tuárum, et ánimam concubinárum tuárum.

6 Díligis odiéntes te, et ódio habes diligéntes te : et ostendísti hódie quia non curas de dúcibus tuis et de servis tuis : et vere cognóvi modo, quia si Absálom víveret, et omnes nos occubuissémus, tunc placéret tibi. 7 Nunc ígitur surge, et procéde, et allóquens satísfac servis tuis : juro enim tibi per Dóminum quod si non exíeris, ne unus quidem remansúrus sit tecum nocte hac : et pejus erit hoc tibi quam ómnia mala quæ venérunt super te ab adolescéntia tua usque in præsens. 8 Surréxit ergo rex et sedit in porta : et omni pópulo nuntiátum est quod rex sedéret in porta. Venítque univérsa multitúdo coram rege : Israël autem fugit in tabernácula sua. 9 Omnis quoque pópulus certábat in cunctis tríbubus Israël, dicens : Rex liberávit nos de manu inimicórum nostrórum ; ipse salvávit nos de manu Philisthinórum : et nunc fugit de terra propter Absálom. 10 Absálom autem, quem únximus super nos, mórtuus est in bello : úsquequo silétis, et non redúcitis regem ?

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