Saturday, September 25, 2010

Read the Word Of God Daily

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse.

Todays reading is currently at:
Book Of 3 Kings 8:11-20

11 And the priests could not stand to minister because of the cloud: for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord. 12 Then Solomon said: The Lord said that he would dwell in a cloud. 13 Building I have built a house for thy dwelling, to be thy most firm throne for ever. 14 And the king turned his face, and blessed all the assembly of Israel: for all the assembly of Israel stood. 15 And Solomon said: Blessed be the Lord the God of Israel, who spoke with his mouth to David my father, and with his own hands hath accomplished it, saying:

16 Since the day that I brought my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel, for a house to be built, that my name might be there: but I chose David to be over my people Israel. 17 And David my father would have built a house to the name of the Lord the God of Israel: 18 And the Lord said to David my father: Whereas thou hast thought in thy heart to build a house to my name, thou hast done well in having this same thing in thy mind. 19 Nevertheless thou shalt not build me a house, but thy son, that shall come forth out of thy loins, he shall build a house to my name. 20 The Lord hath performed his word which he spoke: and I stand in the room of David my father, and sit upon the throne of Israel, as the Lord promised: and have built a house to the name of the Lord the God of Israel.

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