Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Read the Word Of God Daily

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse.

Todays reading is currently at:
Book Of 4 Kings 14:1-10

1 In the second year of Joas son of Joachaz, king of Israel, reigned Amasias son of Joas king of Juda. 2 He was five and twenty years old when he began to reign: and nine and twenty years he reigned in Jerusalem: the name of his mother was Joadan of Jerusalem. 3 And he did that which was right before the Lord, but yet not like David his father. He did according to all things that Joas his father did: 4 But this only, that he took not away the high places: for yet the people sacrificed and burnt incense in the high places. 5 And when he had possession of the kingdom, he put his servants to death that had slain the king his father:

6 But the children of the murderers he did not put to death, according to that which is written in the book of the law of Moses, wherein the Lord commanded, saying: The fathers shall not be put to death for the children, neither shall the children be put to death for the fathers: but every man shall die for his own sins. 7 He slew of Edom in the valley of the Saltpits ten thousand men, and took the rock by war, and called the name thereof Jectehel, unto this day. 8 Then Amasias sent messengers to Joas son of Joachaz, son of Jehu king of Israel, saying: Come let us see one another. 9 And Joas king of Israel sent again to Amasias king of Juda, saying: A thistle of Libanus sent to a cedar tree, which is in Libanus, saying: Give thy daughter to my son to wife. And the beasts of the forest, that are in Libanus, passed and trod down the thistle. 10 Thou hast beaten and prevailed over Edom, and thy heart hath lifted thee up: be content with the glory, and sit at home: why provokest thou evil, that thou shouldst fall, and Juda with thee?

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