Saturday, February 19, 2011

Read the Word Of God Daily

Read the Douay-Rheims Latin Vulgate Bible everyday from Genesis to Apocalypse.

Todays reading is currently at:
The First Book of Chronicles Chapter 11:22-46

22 Banaias the son of Joiada, a most valiant man, of Cabseel, who had done many acts: he slew the two ariels of Moab: and he went down, and killed a lion in the midst of a pit in the time of snow. 23 And he slew an Egyptian, whose stature was of five cubits, and who had a spear like a weaver's beam: and he went down to him with a staff, and plucked away the spear, that he held in his hand, and slew him with his own spear. 24 These things did Banaias the son of Joiada, who was renowned among the three valiant ones, 25 And the first among the thirty, but yet to the three he attained not: and David made him of his council.

26 Moreover the most valiant men of the army, were Asahel brother of Joab, and Elchanan the son of his uncle of Bethlehem, 27 Sammoth an Arorite, Helles a Phalonite, 28 Ira the son of Acces a Thecuite, Abiezer an Anathothite, 29 Sobbochai a Husathite, Ilai an Ahohite, 30 Maharai a Netophathite, Heled the son of Baana a Netophathite, 31 Ethai the son of Ribai of Gabaath of the sons of Benjamin, Banai a Pharathonite, 32 Hurai of the torrent Gaas, Abiel an Arbathite, Azmoth a Bauramite, Eliaba a Salabonite, 33 The sons of Assem a Gezonite, Jonathan the son of Sage an Ararite, 34 Ahiam the son of Sachar an Ararite, 35 Eliphal the son of Ur, 36 Hepher a Mecherathite, Ahia a Phelonite, 37 Hesro a Carmelite, Naarai the son of Azbai, 38 Joel the brother of Nathan, Mibahar the son of Agarai. 39 Selec an Ammonite, Naharai a Berothite, the armourbearer of Joab the son of Sarvia. 40 Ira a Jethrite, Gareb a Jethrite,

41 Urias a Hethite, Zabad the son of Oholi, 42 Adina the son of Siza a Rubenite the prince of the Rubenites, and thirty with him: 43 Hanan the son of Maacha, and Josaphat a Mathanite, 44 Ozia an Astarothite, Samma, and Jehiel the sons of Hotham an Arorite, 45 Jedihel the son of Zamri, and Joha his brother a Thosaite, 46 Eliel a Mihumite, and Jeribai, and Josaia the sons of Elnaim, and Jethma a Moabite, Eliel, and Obed, and Jasiel of Masobia.

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