Saturday, March 18, 2006

Today I tackled something that I kept putting off, the removal of un-needed items. In the process of doing this, in the background was some very pleasant music. Usually when we do chores we tend not to hear much of anything, but this particular time, I heard two words from a song that I seem to recall in my sleep the other night. This CD I have not listened to in some time, so when I finally heard the words I was, to put it mildly, very excited. A few days ago I was thinking to myself how God is my best friend, and how much he has done for me in my life and the direction he is guiding me in. Well any way, I saw Sister yesterday, and I mentioned these words, but at the time I did not know why I was given them, until today. This song is called "My Forever Friend" by Daniel O'Donnell. There is one thing that I will never do in my life is walk away from God, this song was an affirmation that God is always our friend, at least for me anyway. It was a comfort for me to know that he speaks to us in a variety of ways and he responds in some very unique ways. I have looked for God in all things and I'll tell you, when you seek him with honesty in your heart, he is there in all you see and hear. He will do the impossible, put a smile in your heart, if you let him.

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