Friday, March 21, 2008

Veronica Wipes Jesus Face With Her Veil

The Sixth Station of the Cross

Reflection: Veronica wipes Jesus face with her veil. Out of the spectators that lined the way to Calvary, you came across a women whose heart was full of love for you. She dared to come close and offer to clean your beautiful face from the blood, sweat and spittle that covered it up. She saw with eyes of faith the truth of your divine presence. You rewarded her with your image on her veil for all ages to come to know of your love for mankind. And she kept it safe for future generations to come. Is our faith that strong in you as well? Do we believe in you as much as this woman did when she dared to come close to you in your suffering. When we see those around us suffer as well do we see you in them and come close to offer a cloth to help wipe away the turmoil that the world causes. Mostly do we do it with pure intentions where we will see the beauty of you in it.

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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