Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Falls For the Second Time

The Seventh Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus falls for the second time. Jesus even though you have Simon to help you carry this wooden cross, you have sufferd so very much. We would not be able to withstand what you have undergone. Many of us flee our crosses and go in search of an easier route to avoid falling. The weight of our sins truly drags you down, yet you took our burdens and made them your own. How many begin in one faith but go off in search of one that fits their lifestyle. Particularly one that doesn't have a cross to carry. When we fall under our sins we flee rather than seek to reconcile with you. When we see others fall from the weight of their burdens, do we help them up and do as you do. Continue on the journey set before us, pulling ourselves up with faith in you as you do when you place yourself in God's loving hands as well.

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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