Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Meets With the Women of Jerusalem

The Eigth Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus meets with the women of Jerusalem. The sorrow and weeping these women are undergoing as Jesus glances at them. In a moment where he pauses briefly to catch his breath, he speaks to them. Weep not! They love him and cry for him, it's not hard to do. Don't we cry for those who suffer terminal illness and are about to come to their end. We weep for many things but seldom do we weep out of love for your suffering as these women did. They knew how much of a loss it was going to be when your physical presence would be gone. Do we weep knowing that each day we sin we are loosing you that much faster. Except we also must remember that even though you traveled this road for our sakes, it doesn't give us carte blanche to do what we want without understanding the depth you went to redeem us. Let us also weep for you this day Jesus, knowing that you are near to us as you were with these women of Jerusalem.

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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