Friday, March 21, 2008

Simon Of Cyrene Helps Jesus

The Fifth Station of the Cross

Reflection: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus. Jesus you are in pain and very very tired from all the wounds you have from the torture and continuous beating you receive. You suffer so much humiliation for our sake so we would not suffer the same. They take a person from the sidelines to help you carry the cross. A person who refused at first, but was made to do it. Even in this you suffer rejection. Do we do the same as Simon the Cyrene in our day? Refuse to help, and reject others because it might cost us to suffer humiliation as well. But as Simon found out when he looked into your bruised eyes, he saw love in their depths not pain and suffering. He saw gratitude in a helpless moment. Simon took that cross along with you and walked without ever realizing how truly heavy that cross was. How significant this moment was in Jesus' preaching about taking his yoke and finding our burdens easy. How loudly that message echos in this station of the cross. But it also tells us to help each other with their crosses as well. Something we don't do very well in our selfish world.

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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