Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Meets His Mother

The Fourth Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus meets his mother. Jesus on the way to your death you see so many people watching you on the sidelines. But there is one who draws your eyes, who touches your heart. The very woman who gave you life in this human body. You console her even though your suffering is far greater than could be imagined. She sees your suffering as well and takes it to her heart, where it is pierced for love of God. She would take your place in a heartbeat, her love is so great. And this gives you added strength to continue to do your Father's will. How often do we seek out our heavenly mother to aide us on walk with you Jesus to give us strength to carry our crosses as well. She shows us to not forget her or you in our trials. She is there with us offering us comfort as she did for you the day you were led on a path not of your choosing. She is there on the same sidelines as the spectators but with a big difference, she is on your side and not against you. How much are we the spectators in our faith? Do we meet Jesus like his mother did that day and give him love and support and confort for the cross he carries for us?

Prayer: Please say an Our Father and Glory Be

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