Friday, October 28, 2005

Have we prepared ourselves sufficiently for the Banquet? Have we cleansed ourselves of our sins or put them off for another day, month or year? Or has everyday living gotten in the way of preparing ourselves. Our Blessed Mother, who has been appearing through the years, has been coming to help us prepare. But have we been listening to Our Lady or just paying her due homage. If we have been truly listening to Our Heavenly Mother then we should be ready for Jesus' return. She has been trying for a long time now to tell us to change our way of living, not at the last second as most of us seem to do. She has been giving all of us fair warning.
I just read a story about a woman who gave her wedding ring for the victims of Katrina because it was all she had. How many people out there who have millions of dollars, only give out small change to help others. It seems they are more worried about what profits they will reap but they will not part with what they have for the sake of helping victims of disasters to get them back on their feet again. It touches my heart deeply knowing that there are people out there who are not selfish, who show love of neighbor as Jesus asks of us. How many people out there can actually say that they can love their neighbor to the extent that they will not say anything against them; do them harm, either by thought or deed? In this day there are far more people on this earth than there was 2,000 years ago, so imagine Jesus coming back to all this chaos we live in now. What reception would He receive upon His return?

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