Monday, October 24, 2005

I sometimes wonder what to pray for that needs taking care of. There were many times I would become monotone in prayer; where it became a routine on a daily basis. When I went through my trials I found myself openly talking to God from my heart. Then there were times when instead of talking to my Heavenly Father, I would catch myself not talking to Him but to myself, until He reminded me to talk to Him. Just like our relationships we have today in life, there is a need to communicate our needs to them. It's the same with our Heavenly Father. He knows everything but we still need to have an open, honest relationship with Him for the lines of communication to be open. Without Honesty in your Heart there are no open lines of communication to develop.
When I go before the Blessed Sacrament I used to ask for the conversion of souls, then one day I asked for the Conversion of Satan's Heart back to God's, and interiorly God thanked me for this prayer. In order for true conversion to happen we must pray to convert the very heart of Lucifer back to God's. It is the source that has kept sin constant. God Bless

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