Saturday, October 22, 2005

When children first begin to learn how to walk they fall, only to get up and try again and again. The same is so true when we learn how to ride a bicycle, we fall to get back up and try again. This had reminded me of the past year and the trials I underwent. After I answered God and quit my job I began to learn to walk all over again. I started to take more walks and during one of those walks I fell on the side of the road. I was careful where I was walking so I was surprised I fell. I didn't think too much of this at the time. I just got up and thanked My Heavenly Father that I did not get hurt. As time went on during the year another occasion came about when I went flying through the air to land on my shoulder separating it. This was peculiar as I was so happy that morning; I was shocked that my foot didn't hurt from hitting the cement so hard to cause me to literally fly. This was the injury that kept me out of work. The third time I was walking in my driveway while I had my arm in a sling. Each time I got up and continued to live life as God wanted of me, taking up my cross as he asks each of us. I often recall how Jesus had fallen on His way to the Cross. My falling is nothing compared to what Jesus endured for our salvation. It's a comfort for me to know that the path Jesus walked has brought me salvation. God chooses to show us by example; if we open our eyes and ears to His ways we will begin to understand the depths of His Love. Then understanding the Joy and Mystery of the Eucharist will truly begin. God Bless

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