Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I think there are two things that are pretty sad in life. One is being lapsed in Education and the other is being lapsed in Faith. During life I did the usual, read, write, and do basic math. I didn't go for more learning or for that matter keep on top of what I did learn. I didn't pursue the ultimate Education or career I didn't have the desire back then. So now, after these many years the struggle is on. It's like learning to talk and walk all at the same time. I used to think I was smart, it wasn't until a book was put in front of me did I realize that, "if you don't use your mind you will loose what knowledge is there." I'm laughing at myself right now because I'm writing a public Journal with bad punctuation and sentence formation. And for the life of me I seem to be at odds with learning these things. Now I can say to myself, "See what happens when you don't apply yourself when you were a kid." Anyway I haven't failed a test, and with all the Faith I am pouring out, it is with great hope to continue to pass each one I undertake.
Then that brings me to the other format of being a lapsed Faithful. What happens when we don't practice our faith? We get sluggish in the matters of spiritual rightness. We start to lose the ability to Love from the depths of our hearts. We begin to slowly integrate many things of life that we don't need, such as cell-phones, excess televisions, (one per room) an over abundance of clothes and shoes. Electronic games that go anywhere, where you go, we have become electronically dazed. Cell phones do take away from life it makes you dependent on a constant supply of voices. When does a person have time to think for themselves when they are constantly jabbering on the telephone; I had one and I am glad it's gone, (not completely, I still owe on the thing) but it is permanently shut off. I found it took time away from needful silence, I felt that the more that phone was a part of me, the more I was apart from living. It's true, the more we are dependent upon gadgets the more we lose faith. My television is a silent reminder that I have chosen Life over Death. Choosing Life means living by God's will, where He gives Love abundantly. When you choose life you have found abundant wealth, there is nothing on this earth than can compare.
God Bless

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Nunzia said...

God is so faithful.