Tuesday, October 18, 2005

There was a time when I used to smoke cigarettes (awful habit) and thought how I would like to be the dwelling place for God; except I was so hooked on the habit that it took something major to free me of it. God dwells within us all except we pollute our bodies with artificial junk. I had a strong desire to rid myself of this stuff so I could be the home God would want to dwell in. I worked on the body and then God went to work on the Spirit. When we make steps to allow God a home within us He moves in. I lived my life always taking to heart God's Word, I didn't realize this until I started to reflect upon my life, even when I went astray His Word was always in my thoughts. Or should I say God was always in my thoughts. There are moments when out of the blue I would be overcome with such intense Love from My Heavenly Father and my reply is always I Love You Too from the depths of my soul. Those brief moments are ones I cherish so much.

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