Saturday, November 26, 2005

How can I stress that God is reaching out to us in many, many ways. How can I relate to all the people that in the Eucharist his Son is there. Why is it so very important that people need to know and understand this. Ever since I first began to experience Jesus in the Eucharist. It seems it has become a mission of sorts to make him known to the world. When I open the many pictures that I have taken, I continually see how alive he is on those pictures. How is it possible that on those pictures there was nothing but a Lamb or a Chalice and Heart, but later a figure appears in those two . Sometimes He is just there on the Host, waiting to be noticed. God is so amazing in His small and delightful ways, from one moment to next a smile might appear, or he will turn. When I see these things I am filled with awe. Do you suppose he wants all of us to notice him in the Eucharist? He is there waiting for all of us to wake up and look with the eyes of our hearts. He wants us to come near, so he can give us more of his love. Please come to him in the Blessed Sacrament, he is calling us to him. All that he is doing for me is to share with all of you, for you to know him too. Please come back Home to Him. God Bless

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