Wednesday, November 09, 2005

In my life I never looked down my nose on anyone who had less than me. If anything I had more compassion for them. Today it's the same but more profound. It has made me think about their situation much more. How come there is so much poverty out there anyway? Why is there poverty? Why are the children suffering because of greed? Why is there a need to crush the life of each human being, who is made in God's Image; is that saying that we do not respect God as our Maker? Each life we hurt we are hurting the one who made us. People are out to obliterate God from every aspect of life. When we do that we are actually saying we do not care about ourselves, we are selfish. It's not just material possessions that change all of us it's the influence of other people too. When the influence of people become first then you know God has been put last. When the influence of others has made people follow what they know in their hearts to be the wrong path. God Bless

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