Friday, November 11, 2005

What I would like to understand in today's world; why when you show concern for another human being, they respond back with anger in their voice, in their demeanor; to portray to others that they are angry with them, when they are not. You know, I never did understand that about people. When I just went through that with someone, I had to realize it's not me they are mad at, even though eachtime I encountered this person, showed that it seemed to be. I had to also realize that it's possible they are angry with God for the circumstances that they are in.
We all go through circumstances in our life when nothing seems to be right or go the way we would like them to. Sometimes we need to take a good look around us to see the plight of others to make us realize how fortunate we are. There are people out there who use drugs and alcohol to escape unhappiness in life, because all too often they don't know how to reach out. There are so many vices out there it's scary. Each one is a call for help, but in order for them to be able to reach out they must first be able to reach within, to know that help is there for them.
I try to reach out to those who hurt but my offer is often rejected, because I do not have the means to help them. I would recall how many times I rejected my Fathers help out of my sense of pride, because, by my failing at something, I had a need to rectify it myself. That is my foolishness in thinking that I didn't need God's help. Yet I often find myself helpless in times of strife, sorrow, weakness. And that is when I need God the most. I am forever grateful for God's love, because he does not abandon us as we so often think. God reaches out to us, it's up to us to reach back and let him do what he does best and that is to let him guide our steps in life. God Bless

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