Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Now that I have given myself a chance to finally get settled with this blog, I have discovered many blogs out there that are extremely wonderful to read. It’s like finding a whole new world, a world where people are free to write what is on their minds and what is in their hearts. There is a lot of faith out there bursting forth threw the words of many writers. It’s heartfelt to know that they are sharing their love, their experience, stories, with so many who are very poor in spirit. There is so much spiritual poverty in the world today, people are seeking but do not know where to turn or to whom. There is a lot of concern for the physical poverty as well in today’s world. Many help to feed the hungry, the poor; but who feeds the spiritual hunger of those who are dying of thirst on a daily basis. When I went to a Forty hour Adoration, a Monsignor spoke about this to the people who were present. How true his words are about the hungry, the thirsty, they are literally dying for lack of sustenance. Their insides are all shriveled up from lack of God’s life giving water. How can we as Catholics and Christians restore life to them? Another idea of Monsignor’s is to adopt a Catholic or Christian to bring them back home to God. A very good idea too, because it will take time and energy on one person to share their faith with another to guide them back home. How many people out there are actually willing to do that, to go the extra mile for another human being? I know there will be a few that will, and there will be many who will scoff at the idea and say, I have enough on my plate already, I can not be bothered. That’s the attitude that many have; that is why there is so much spiritual poverty and physical poverty out there. The only time they help others is if there is something in it for them. Shame on you then; one should never expect to be rewarded for any service they give from their hearts. Maybe, just maybe that is why so many people turn away from each other and faith. All they see is selfishness, so when they seek that too and they do not get the results that they see in others they become more, and more lost. God Bless

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