Saturday, December 03, 2005

First Saturday in the Advent Journey

The harvest is abundant but the laborers are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. (NAB) Matthew 9:37-38

In this passage Jesus is telling his disciples to pray to God for laborers. In a sense he is guiding the disciples, to request from the Father laborers for his harvest. He is teaching his disciples how to plant the seeds of faith. Where in time when the fruit is ripe they are to gather the harvest that was sown.
Jesus at the time just finished preaching and healing many people, he had planted the seeds of faith. What he told his disciples at the time, is that those seeds had formed, it was time to gather what he has sown.
How do we gather a harvest? If we are farmers we would know the answer to that question. I know a little about planting a garden and the cycle of it's growth to maturity. I know that the first thing we need to do is prepare the soil (Baptism). That means we have to break the hard packed ground to loosen the dirt. Then we add compost, or manure, to enrich the soil. After we have done that, we then choose the seeds we are going to plant (Faith). Once the seeds have been planted, we tend the garden, by watering the plants (God's word). During the course of the growth of the garden, we pull out the weeds that may choke the plants (Reconciliation). As the plants grow we continue to tend the garden by adding some more fertilizer for greater growth (Eucharist). Soon we begin to see the plants flower, where bees begin to polinate, to enable fruit to grow (Confirmation). During the course of this growth we encounter a few things, some plants need pruning (shaky faith), in order for them to be stronger. During this time of growth the sun shines brightly to nourish these plants(Jesus). Cloudy days with no light(sin) stunts the growth of the plants. Sometimes we add artificial light to help the growth, except we see it's not the same. It is close to the time to harvest what we have nurtured, if we have followed the way, the harvest will bear much fruit. God is our Gardener we are his laborers, we are to go to him for the life giving water, for us to grow in his ways so that when we have matured in our faith we will be abundant.

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