Thursday, December 08, 2005

Second Thursday of Our Advent Journey

From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent are taking it by force. (NAB) Matthew 11:12

The time had to be that bad in those days that sin would cause such violence in heaven. One would think that they were talking about now. We most definitely could have needed John the Baptist now to wake us up from our slumber. One would think that statement had to do with all of us since John the Baptists preaching. Heaven suffered much because of our sins. Each time we consciously go against the commandments, or go against one another, we cause violence to heaven. We don't realize how much our thoughts, actions and deeds against each other does so much damage. Just think of every time we sin we add another Tear to drop from our Father's eyes. How much we wound him because we choose to steal material goods that we want just because we want to steal. How much we cause heaven violence when we snuff out an unborn life. We don't treat animals that bad, as we treat our own. It's time to WAKE up and realize that we are the one's that are destroying all that we cherish, we are causing violence to our own existence, we are the heaven on earth that is being caused violence to. So does that tell us we are the violent ones after all, awaiting judgement of the coming of the Saviour. Are we all hoping not to be caught doing wrong, or are we all grown up enough to admit our sins, clean up our houses and prepare ourselves for Jesus' second coming.

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