Sunday, January 01, 2006


When I was a kid I remember when we used to visit my grandparents on New Years we used to go to my Grandfather and ask for his blessing when we first arrived. This was the start of our new year celebration. This is a beautiful gift of the Father of each household to be asked to bless either a family or an individual at the start of the New Year. My mother has told me that her family has practiced this for generations. It is also practiced by many who know of this wonderful blessing. We start off the New Year by the blessings of our Church's, and then we are also blessed by our own Father's on this one day.

Today we also honor the blessings of our Holy Mother and her full acceptance of God's Will. Without our Lady Mother, we would be continually lost amidst the sea of darkness. Let us continually pray for her constant guidance in our lives. She has borne the fruit of pure love, and witnessed much for our benefit, so we may come closer to a pure and blissful love as she has for her Son and God our Father. She is our Blessing

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