Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Simple Act of Faith

Heavenly Father, today I read about your sons healing grace. How he gave of himself to bring not only healing but life to those who were dead. You also showed us by your apostles testimony, how just a touch could heal us, when it is done with faith. How such a simple act of faith can bring healing when all else failed.
Father your sons examples show us the way to you. That through faith, repentance, healing will be obtained. How significant the story of the woman who touched Jesus, that not only through her faith, but also through her honest repentance saved her.
Dear Father how we sometimes forget, how much you loves us, when all that your son endured just to show us the way. Yet in our own volatile natures, we look down upon what you taught us. We scoff at your word, trying to say, none of this is possible, yet this testimony is for us. How time after time you set out to show us the truth of your words. Even when Jesus went to bring a life back from death, he showed us his love, how he wants us to live fully in him. Why else would he do this if we are not to live in his love.
I for one am grateful for all that you have given to us by way of your example and your word. It gives me so much more to love you by, knowing how you bring us so much of yourself through the written word. God Bless

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