Tuesday, February 14, 2006

From My Heart To Yours

Today is a day where people send out meaningful words to declare their love to each other, or give gifts to show their love. Father I have no gift to give you, nor a card with meaningful words, all I have is my heart. This I have given to you always even when I was rebellious. Father I could give you flowery words, but I want to give you all of me. Everyday when I wake up I give my day for the greater glory of your love, that my life is not complete without you in it. What is the greatest thing to have ever happened in my life, is you Dear Father. I found I can love you with all my heart and love others just as equally. Has this then been my lesson all my life. I am glad then for the profound lesson. You not only have my undying gratitude, you have a most loyal and devoted love. Everything I think of and feel is for love of you Father, where I pray to be united with you always. From my heart to yours everyday not just today on Valentine's Day. I Love You With All My Heart, this is my declaration of love to God.

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