Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Giving it All Up to Follow

Can anyone give up everything to follow Jesus? It is very hard to do that, so many think giving up all they have, is just way too much to do. Even giving up family, yet we do that, when we abort, give children up for adoption, put our sick elderly family in institutions to be taken care of, so we can be free of them. We push our spouses away when we are upset, to end up divorcing them to be with another. We go to many functions to leave our loved one's home alone. We work beyond time to give more to a company than to our families, where a company will replace you just as fast. So how come it's so hard to leave everything to follow Jesus? We do an awful lot now to follow our own selfishness. Where is it so hard to give it all up for Jesus?
When we truly think about it, it is so much more fulfilling following Jesus than doing our own thing. Because then we are doing it for God. When following Jesus is a priority, and His will comes first then you will have found the way.

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