Saturday, March 04, 2006

First Saturday of Lent

If you call the sabbath a delight... If you honor it by not following your ways, seeking your own interest, or speaking with malice-- Then you shall delight in the Lord. Isaiah 58:13-14
In today's world it is difficult to keep the Sabbath a delight, when we often forget the existance of God, because of all the extra activities we do. Yet we make so much time for all these activities. Shame on us then, for we are putting the Lord far from us then. It's so easy to give for ourselves and so very, very hard to give just one day back to the Lord. And on the Sabbath we hardly spare even a minute of our time in reflection or thoughts of visiting him at Mass, or joining him for an hour of Adoration. We have put ourselves so distant from the Lord. It takes a change in us and how we have our Sabbath, to bring us delight on His day. That means removing the excess and restoring the day that God created for us to rest and delight in him.
There is much Truth in today's message that Isaiah wrote about, how keeping the Sabbath is a delight, following the ways of the Lord and not our own, we will have then have found true delight in the Lord.

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