Friday, March 17, 2006

Friday, Second Week of Lent

They hated him [Joseph] so much that they would not even greet him. Genesis 37:4

I would say doesn't this remind us of how we treat each other. Now why on earth would they hate him so much for? What could the reason possibly be? Perhaps it is jealousy. After all jealousy causes people to act cruelly to one another.

Today we are people who seem to keep up with what our neighbors have. Our jealousy shows when we need to purchase more than what our neighbor has in order to look better and more prosperous. How when we dress if someone we envy looks better, how we tend to try to outdo them also. This happens too, among children, young adults while learning. They mimick their parents, their values come from those who teach them. and their first teacher is their parents. Are we then teaching our children to mock others, have disrespect. I come across this with my students. Our jealousy toward others as in the time of Joseph when his brothers sought his downfall, is our downfall too. Can we change? Is it possible? Or do we prefer having it our way all the time, selfish as it is. Our destiny is after all is one of two places, up or down. We want to go up, then we need to fix ourselves.

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