Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday, Third Week of Lent

Listen to my voice; then I will be your God and you shall be my people. Jeremiah 7:23

If only we would listen, then we would know by the many small acts that God is not only talking to us but showing us to come home to him. He wants us to be his people in every way.

Think about our own children, when they stray from us and opt to follow the path of evil, doesn't it hurt. After all, we thought we did our very best to bring them up. We wonder how come they do not listen to us on bringing them back to faith. Or they choose to live far from us, going somewhere un safe, we offer our wisdom, but it goes unheeded. Well, you can now put yourself in God's place for a moment, and think about this. He asks us to listen, so the next time you would like to see a change in a situation in your child, or family, think on this for a moment. God does the same with us as we do with our own, He wants us safe and not following evil. He is a loving Parent, who wants the very best for us, and as his children, don't you think it is time we LISTEN.

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