Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Wednesday, Second Week of Lent

But I trust in you, O Lord; I say, "You are my God." My times are in your hand; deliver me from the hand of my enemies and persecutors. Psalm 31:14-15

Last Wednesday, I was thinking of the Rain Forest and how it is slowly being developed, and many other places where there are so many poor people, and the land they live off of is being taken from them, yet no help is offered to change their circumstances. Yesterday, this again kept coming to me, how these people struggle daily, yet they "trust in a God to get them through each day." Most of the time we bring destruction upon others by making it difficult to survive. For those who happen to be on the end where they owe more than they have, know the struggle and faith it takes to put both feet on the floor and walk with your head held high. Where they see how people turn from them because of their situation. Where they become stigmatized, and backs become their view. In today's Psalm, they trust in God more than those who have, they trust in the Miracle of Time, that they will be delivered from those who persecute them.

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