Tuesday, April 18, 2006

She Has Seen

Mary went and announced to the disciples,“I have seen the Lord,”and then reported what he had told her. John 20:18

Mary finally let go to do Jesus' bidding. She went and told what she has seen and heard. That alone took a great amount of faith.

It's not easy running to the apostles to tell them what she had seen, and what he had told her to tell them. Today we read of what she did for his love. If that were us today and Jesus appeared to tell us to go to the apostles, to tell them what he said. We would be backed away from. Thought of as someone who was a few clowns short of a circus.

Imagine the Saints who have claimed the same thing as Mary Magdala has. How they went through so much grief, because they were surrounded by jealous people, who wanted what was given to them. People react differently to people. Jesus treats all equally.

So if Jesus should appear to us today in whatever manner he chooses, are we going to keep it to ourselves? Are we going to be afraid of what others may think. Are we going to let the negative responses from those who love Jesus and are jealous mar his message. Jealousy is not from God by-the-way.

We have a wonderful example in Mary Magdala doing God's will, and proclaiming the Good News. Are we able to do the Father's will and proclaim to the world He is Risen. That he dwells among us. Let our eyes see and our ears hear as Mary Magdala has.

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