Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seek Heaven

Since you have been raised up in company with Christ, set your heart on what pertains to higher realms where Christ is seated at God's right hand. Be intent on things above rather than on things of earth. Colossians 3:1-2

This seems to pertain to those who were around when Jesus was alive. Yet we too have this when we are baptized in him. We are raised with Christ in our hearts. Many seek the kingdom of God all their life and follow diligently, never faltering. Then there are many who have fallen away, seeking what fills, but not in faith. We are intent instead on what the world offers to fill an empty void. We purchase many things to bring us comfort, but it is only fleeting. It's all well and good at the time, but soon we continue looking.

Our motives in life can be good, when we realize it's what God offers us that brings us lasting peace. When we set our sights on heaven and not on the things of this world. Then comfort takes on a different light. Don't be asleep in where you seek your desires, seek them from above, for your never know when he will come.

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