Friday, May 26, 2006

To See Him Again

But I will see you again, and your hearts will rejoice, and no one will take your joy away from you. On that day you will not question me about anything. John 16:22-23

We will see him again, on the day we breathe our last when we come to him in our death, or it will be when this world fades away. We do not know either, so until then it would be a wise thing to do to keep ourselves from sin. It is in sin we doubt and question.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful conversation about God with another person after Mass. It lasted more than two hours. In that time I had said something that I still find difficult. When I had a life saving surgery, afterward I recall, I was afraid to die. It was in this relationship that I found difficult and I fought it every day, the wrong I was doing, I wanted out of the relationship. When you know your doing wrong and feel paralyzed to escape from it, anyway after my surgery, there was a big change in me. I found the strength to recover my life from destruction. I was given a chance to atone for my error. To this day I am still afraid to die, yet I love God so deeply I would die for him. Does it makes sense, no, not yet. If I saw hell, it is one place I do not want to go. Then I fear death more than anything. All because I broke one commandment. Does it still make no sense, yes. But it is in this one sin, that separated me from God. Yet I see him in the Eucharist, I experience him in Communion, I know of his love. Is there a purpose to what he is doing in my life, yes. He is saving me from being condemned, when I have finished going through the purification of his love, then I will no longer fear death.

What is the point of this, well if God is going to great lengths to save one soul such as I, don't you think he will do it for you too. That is why reconciliation is very important, to atone for our sins. Don't throw the chance away to reconcile to God, who loves us all very much.

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