Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Where Are You Going?

"Where are you going?" John:16:5

No one asked Jesus where he was going after he told them he was leaving to go to the one who sent him. It shook them up when Jesus needed to explain it. Filled with grief in their hearts, for their lack of understanding. We are like that too. How many times we are deeply sorry for not understanding something that was explained after it was told to us.

Lord, Where are you going? I am going to the Father where I will send you an Advocate. This is his dialogue with the apostles, in my words. I ask it of my family, Where are you going? It is my concern for their safety and well being. Just as it is theirs when they ask it of me. It is not to be nosy it is out of love.

How often families fail this today, because they lack unity within their own family. How it should be a matter of one's love for another when we ask Where are you going? Not in a way that we abuse our relationship with them by seeking to harm them by knowing their every movement. It is in the trust of love in a relationship that gives us the ability to ask out of love for our spouses and our children Where are you going?

Next time I'm asked Where am I going, I will be happy to reply, I'm off to see Jesus in the people I meet today.

For us we do not need to be filled with grief because we know Jesus is with us always, in the Eucharist, in our hearts, in those we see.

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