Saturday, June 03, 2006

Prayer For Vocations

Lord Jesus,
you have told us to ask,
and we will receive;
to seek,
and we will find;
to knock,
and the door will be opened.

You have enriched your Church
with laity and deacons,
religious women and men,
priest and bishops,
to serve your people
with fidelity, generosity and joy.

With trust and confidence,
in your promise and presence,
we pray for a new Pentecost.
In the Father's love,
and in the Spirit's wisdom,
touch the hearts
and strengthen the faith of our youth.
Recognizing their gifts and goodness,
call from among them,
ministers of Word and Sacrament
to bring your peace to the world.

We ask this blessing
through the intercession of Mary,
Our Lady of Perpertual Help
and Mother of the Church.

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