Friday, June 09, 2006

We the Deceivers

Yet from all these things the Lord delivered me.
In fact, all who want to live religiously in Christ Jesus
will be persecuted.
But wicked people and charlatans will go from bad to worse,
deceivers and deceived.
But you, remain faithful to what you have learned and believed,
because you know from whom you learned it.
2Timothy 3:11-14

It's amazing that 2,000 years ago this was written to reflect us today. We persecute those who follow Christ. And if you happen to be a scripture quoter, take cover. We read of people grumbling about so and so's practice of faith, how they shouldn't be doing this or that. We always find fault with those who follow God. Then the scriptures are right, we are going from bad to worse, we are deceivers as well as the deceived. For the deceivers, attempt to turn those of God away from him.

I had someone say to me that they do not break any of the commandments, and that they love God but don't go to worship. This is a deception, and plenty do exactly this. We deceive ourselves more than anything just by telling ourselves that what we do is right. WRONG.

I'm not perfect but, I will not deceive myself or anyone else into believing that when we sin is good. I committed adultery, when it began I left my husband because it wasn't right, that alone was wrong. The affair should not have come about in the first place. At the time I knew it was wrong, yet I was deceived, during my weakest moment. This is not a confession, this is an example of how wrong we can be in our thinking. I learned from this, I hurt God. If any think that we are not hurting him think again.

Is this world going bad to worse? I say yes. There is way too much evil being followed. I chose to follow God and to give him my love. He saved me by showing me himself. If my example of being deceived by myself and by another doesn't help, then there is no hope for any of us. Then you are deceiving yourself into believing that not following God is the way.

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