Thursday, July 27, 2006

Quite The Parable

lest they see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their hearts and be converted and I heal them. Matthew 13:15

We were given two parables today to reflect upon. One had to do with what we already have more will be given and what we do not have will be taken away. Do any associate this with money? Because many people have, it seems the rich grow richer and the poor grow poorer. But why does Jesus tell us about the poor, to feed and help them in many ways. But this is a parable after all, and it is looking at it in Jesus' way.

When you have faith and special gifts that accompany that faith, and you practice it faithfully, more will be given. And even though we have faith, but do not practice it, it seems what gifts we were given have been taken away.

What gifts are we talking about then? Think about the ability to have patience, which is a virtue. Think about some of the other gifts that come from the Spirit, Understanding, compassion, charity are a few to mention that with faith go beyond the limits. But without faith we loose them, we become people who have no understanding, no compassion, without charity for one another.

We all have special gifts, even with an ounce of faith can produce more. It is when we stop living our faith that it is all taken away. We cease to let the living water nourish us as the reading in Jeremiah speaks of from God himself.

Do we wonder what this has to do with the chosen quote I put on here. Pretty much, because if your eyes are closed and your ears do not hear, you will not know the love God gives to you through his Word. Your heart is sealed shut for any living water to cleanse.

When we seek God's living Word the water of life, we open our hearts to him, we slowly begin to see the many wonders he gives us, and we begin to hear Him speak lovingly to our hearts.

As with any thing that is given, we would first of all have to be open to it. But many refuse and fear conversion. That would mean a change in lifestyle, a change in how they treat others, a change in themselves mostly. People fear this most of all, a change in themselves, because it would remove their comfort.

Little do they know they change daily, jobs change, driving routes are changed due to road work, illness changes people and so forth. When people do everything possible to not change, then they are hard of heart, they will not bend themselves for no one, and not for God either. So we go on living, without really having life.

What's the point of today's parable from Jesus, well if we are not willing to see or hear, how can he heal us as he so lovingly wants to.

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