Saturday, August 19, 2006

As A Child

Children were brought to Jesus that he might lay his hands on them and pray. The disciples rebuked them, but Jesus said,"Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them; for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." After he placed his hands on them, he went away. Matthew 19:13-15

In the times we live in, we would love more than anything to be as children. To know that the Kingdom of heaven belongs to us. But as we grow older and mature in mind, we forget what it was like to live very simply.

Jesus today reminds us to let the children come to him. But have we taken them in, and turned their hearts against God, by initiating them for our own evil pleasures. But we are not only witnessing this in our Church, it is in many families, but we do not hear of it as much.

So why is it we are to let the children come to Jesus, when we destroy their future and mold them in our debauchery ways. We love our children but we yell at them, because we lack patience with them. We mentally abuse them, so they will fear us and everything else. We physically beat them to the point of breaking their bones.

Have we turned our faces against God so much, that we would do this to the future generations, because we lack faith in God ourselves. Or are we seeking the punishment we meet out, from God.

Since we have matured in age and found that we have lost the simplicity of being young, we lose all sense of what is right. Being a child is being carefree, but we forget how to be this way. We forget how to love with a child's heart. We forget how to trust with a child's trust out of our jealousy of this once lived life, we destroy the youth of this.

We have many who treasure their children too, because they know that should they harm or hurt another they destroy themselves too. Blessed are they who let their children come to the Lord.


forget me not said...

The worst thing is, "by molding our children in our debauchery ways", we are turning them into little us's. I used to be a catechist and it always bothered me when a child would come out with some discourse that was clearly not child-like. And reading the news a few days ago there was the story of the man who confessed to a child's rape and murder. I saw the pictures of the little girl, who had participated in pageants. She looked so old. Not "so much older", old. She was beautiful, there is no doubt. But society seems to want us to transform our children into adults all too soon. Maybe this too, is what Jesus meant when he said those words.

Lovely blog here, marie cecile

Marie Cecile said...

Forget me not,

How right you are about Parents changing their children into mini adults. Jon Bonet was indeed an extraordinary beautiful child, which unfortunately took her life. Beautiful children such as her, are molded into something else and their childhood robbed. It's just sad when we as adults forget when we were young too. Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words.

God love you,
Marie Cecile