Monday, August 07, 2006

His Pity

his heart was moved with pity for them, and he cured their sick. Matthew 14:14


Jesus' heart was moved with pity for the crowd, so he cured their sick. What a wonderful Lord we have. He heard of the death of John the Baptist, and so did all those who followed after Jesus. I would think the crowd was there for Jesus, to give him comfort and solace for the loss of a friend, a brethren.

But Jesus, the one who is meek and humble of heart was moved with pity for those who are sick, and went about curing them. He didn't think about the loss and his desire to be alone, to grieve. Instead he gave more of himself. He poured himself out upon the crowd, feeding them, nourishing their souls with words of wisdom, as well as feeding their bodies with one of the greatest miracles to be witnessed.

We are shown a special gift from Jesus, one of compassion and love. From his loss of a friend, he shows us how to reach out and give to one another. He shows us how to not give in to our selfishness when we hurt. To be thankful for what God has given us in our life. Jesus shows us so many things in his teachings, but love is always the one that stands out.

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