Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Sign of Respect

Mulier Fortis has a good article on wearing Mantilla's. We used to wear head coverings pre-Vatican II, and I see they are coming back, out of respect for our Lord.


brother lesser said...

How refreshing!

The dress-code for Mass today resembles a Frat Party at the local swimming hole.

Marie Cecile said...

How right you are! It seems dressing these days is out the window so to speak. It's too bad too, because there is nothing that makes a person look good is being properly dressed, when in public. That includes modestly covered body parts.

Brother Lesser said...

Yes, Marie, especially when you look like me...the more I can cover, the better off for everyone... :)

Marie Cecile said...

Brother Lesser,

No pun intended, does that mean your hiding behind your robes. :)

Hey, by the way, did I ever tell you, that your smile is beautiful, and so are you!