Friday, October 13, 2006


Luke 11:15-26

What happens when we have always had God in our lives and drive him out, instead of having demons driven out. We become a void, empty of all life, a shell.

Today we read of demons being driven out and how when one is driven out many more come back, and the person is worse off than before. Not a pleasant thing to have happen to us, now is it. Who, when relieved of demons wants more. Not me, I would rather have the life giving water from our Father.

It's easy to understand that once we were free from our sins, and continue on the same path without changing how truly easy it is to become inhabited by more. At least I understand this, that once my spiritual life has become focused on God and I turn my life around to his, but in the process I start doing what I did before, then I can say woe is me. I will have brought back what I do not desire. All because I did not truly change.

How truly hard it is to keep our dwelling place free of dust. It is a constant watch to make sure the dust that falls does not become even more so. So when Jesus speaks about removing demons from our lives and they go off to an arid place, think about our arid times, how we cool off in our ardor for God. How easy these demons find their way back into our lives.

This is where we actually drive out God rather than keeping him with us all the more to safeguard our hearts.

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